FROM A GREEK BEACH TO A TITAN LAKE SHORE Or, how a Greek girl became a planetologist I come from a country where people look up at the sky quite often, especially at nighttime. And from ages lost in time, they usually try to make sense of what they see. How Aristarchus invented the heliocentric

early career

I did my PhD at Paris Observatory in Meudon, getting my first ‘taste’ of Titan from Voyager 1 infrared data working with colleagues who since then have become good friends. Once I got a glimpse of Titan, I was hooked, bewitched, inspired and haven’t left the Outer Solar System since then… Right after my Ph.D.

short bio

Athena Coustenis was born in Athens, Greece and grew up in a garden suburb by the Saronic Bay before moving to France where she earned two Masters degrees and one PhD in Astronomy and Space Techniques (she started another PhD in English Literature and hopes to finish it one day…) thanks to a scholarship provided

Athena Coustenis: List of publications

COUSTENIS Athena Director of research, Science National research Center Laboratoire d’Etudes Spatiales et d’Instrumentation en Astrophysique (LESIA) UMR8109 Observatoire de Paris-Meudon 92195 Meudon Cedex FRANCE List of publications download a PDF List of publications and communications200 publications, 500 presentations, 3500 citations, H=34 Thesis 1.    Coustenis, A., 1989. L’atmosphère de Titan à partir des observations infrarouges de