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So most of us by now who are have been participating in the 100 Hours of Astronomy events are in real need of some rest, I’m feeling fine at the moment as I’ve just had a nice cup of tea but I have the feeling that most of you out there who have been burning

the midnight oil arranging and participating in all of the 100 hours events are in some dire need of rest and coffee. Shame our coffee cup on the Cosmic Diary page is only an image and not real espresso!

For now the live webcast from the Virtual Telescope for the Solar Observing session has come to an end due to the high levels of cloud around surrounding the Bellatrix Observatory in Italy, but will return later in around 4 hours from now for the night time observing sessions.

So for now its time to do some more Galaxy Classifying  through Galaxy Zoo and work on the Astrokit website ready for the new school term.

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