Hey, Ho, Let's Go!!!

So, the lyrics to the Ramones were stuck in my head all day yesterday and today during travelling down from Manchester to London after the ASE conference as we prepared to fly out to Paris. Catalin had a bad experience with Air France, (they lost his luggage !!!!) and after numerous irrate phone calls to

Astronomy for Peace

Today my thoughts lay with friends and family in worn torn countries where on the 5th day of IYA 2009 some parts of the world have to suffer the atrocities of war. Being a second generation refugee I have had plenty of first hand experience living with the aftermath of the psychological effects it has

Start of IYA 2009

So, here we are, finally, it is the 30th December 2008 and in another day 2009 will finally be upon us. Many astronomers from around the world have planned for the event of the century, the International Year of Astronomy 2009, chosen to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the telescope. In a few days I