Strong earthquake hits Chile

I guess that by today you all know about the catastrophic earthquake that struck Chile last Friday. My colleague, ESO astronomer Michael Dumke has already published a post about this. I have been living in Chile for two years, working as a postdoctoral fellow in La Silla, and I have many colleagues and friends that

Science Day at ESO

The staff of the European Organization for Astronomical Research (ESO) includes people coming from very different fields. Given the fact that we design, build and operate telescopes and instruments, our teams are composed by a mixture of mechanical, optical, electronic and software engineers plus, of course, some astrophysicists. These have a double life within the

Horror Vacuii

This post is about the terror brought about by astronomy. Just personal considerations and feelings: nothing to be taken very seriously and born from the desire of sharing with others (who might feel the same way but never dared to admit). I recently discovered that, more and more as I am getting of age, I

A long concealed book

I occupy my free time doing very different things. One of them is archaeoastronomy. There will be a post on this topic, which I found quite intriguing (meanwhile you can find some more info here). One of the most common (and easiest) studies in archeoastronomy (although in this case the term archaeo is probably not