Whatever Happened in 2012?

What will happen in 2012? There are numerous rumors floating around about 2012 and mostly related to the end of days, and that proves confusing for most people in here. Is it true, that the end is near? Obviously the 2012 is growing as a meme, that, instead of enlighten the people, only giving more misunderstanding & confusion, about what happen with our nature. In the end, this meme only blurs the understanding between knowledge and urban legend.

To clarify the 2012 from the perspective of astronomy, the Student Union of Astronomy (Himastron, the organization body for students from the Dept. of Astronomy, ITB), on last Sunday (14th of June, 2009) organizing a talk show about 2012. There were around 300 people from various backgrounds & ages eager to flock & discuss about the subject. Quiet a large number, larger than expected.

2012 - The Talk Show
2012 - The Talk Show

Living Inside the Sun

The news from THEMIS last time caught my attention, why? Because that would change on we look on the solar wind. I will not dwell much on the finding, but in brief, if previously thought, that when the sun’s magnetic field is aligned with that of the Earth, the shield is up and that few if any solar particles enter Earth’s magnetic shield. Oppositely, the shield is down when the solar magnetic field direction points opposite to Earth’s field, leading to more solar particles inside the shield. But this no longer the case because of recent observations by the THEMIS spacecraft fleet demonstrate that the opposite is true.

Mea Obiter Dicta – The Years of Astronomy in Indonesia

Welcome to my Cosmic Diary! Well, today is my birthday, (on Dec, 24th) and the next day is Xmas, still, many things hang over my head. So much to do, here & there. aWhat should i write for the Cosmic Diary? Not long ago, there were messages for my bday came on my facebook, also on my cellphone. Thanks to you all, for giving me such nice msgs for my bday. But then again, still D-7 before the official IYA 2009, and still have no clue what should i write.

Now, let’s play some musics; they said, music is a fine cure if you are not in a proper mood to do things. Should we rely on mood to do our tasks? Maybe .. at least what i am listening right now could do the trick.

Let’s follow the rhythm, (music: Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel & the mood: a little bit unusual). Yeah, with 7/4 time signature, that should be unusual .. Let’s my mood follow the rhythm, as the words flow in tremendous rate.

First, welcome to the Year of Astronomy! (If you read it on the 1st of January 2009). Astronomy? Whoaaa (reaction: awe), cool!! (reaction: excite), yeah (reaction: apathy), what? astronomy? (reaction: cynical), well .. there are many reactions about ‘astronomy’, but what i have learned from around me, they share something in common. Astronomy is an alien words, either too far to reach (as the stars), or simply they have no clue, what is astronomy after all.

Yes, indeed, the word astronomy, still accepted as foreign things. The word itself brought from the foreign vocabulary, and the understanding about it, still mix between the ‘science’ and ‘metaphysics’ (astrology), or simply something so far far away. Further more, the coming of Bill Gates sometimes ago and his explanation about WWT to our President only make more ‘woaaaw’ to the public.

Why does that happen? That would required a long journey to have a proper explanation. Nevertheless, there is a long history & tradition of astronomy in Indonesia, and i want to to divulge about.