As the title says this post is about getting a job as an astronomer, and my current job hunt. Most of the time before landing a permanent job in astronomy research, you would need to get a university degree in something related to science, then a graduate degree – honours or masters and then likely also a PhD in astronomy or related field. OK we did all that, so now what?

Some preliminary results

I have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks. In an earlier post in April I said I will try to get a past data set studied and written up into a article in a few months. Well since that post, two months have passed and things have been moving along. I do have some “preliminary” results now, but still along way to go to finish up the project.

Start of P83

April 1st was the deadline for submission of observing proposals for ESO telescopes. I managed to submit my main proposal quite early on, the other collaborative ones were done last minute , while some new projects which looked like a good idea came to a halt once we started writing the proposals. That was when we realised that we havnt quite done enough background work before we can justify asking for time on the big telescopes…that happens!