Exploding Stars in Leiden

Just arrived in Leiden. Tomorrow, at the Lorentz Center, an international workshop on Supernova explosions will start. It will focus on the progenitors of one specific class of SNe, called Type Ia. They became famous because of the implications they had on the acceleration of the universe. During the last few years, my collaborators and 

Blogging from Chile

Mmm, after a veeeery loooong trip, I’m back to Chile. I am now in Santiago, but tomorrow I will fly up to Antofagasta, and then up to Paranal. Looking at my blog I have just noticed the last 3 posts are gone. I was reporting on the Paris conference on exploding stars. Too bad. In

Science Day at ESO

The staff of the European Organization for Astronomical Research (ESO) includes people coming from very different fields. Given the fact that we design, build and operate telescopes and instruments, our teams are composed by a mixture of mechanical, optical, electronic and software engineers plus, of course, some astrophysicists. These have a double life within the