Tracing the Sun’s family tree

Its been two weeks since my last post – I was busy finalizing my next research article and it is now ready for publication. The days were flying along. My daily routine goes something like this: drive my 4yr old to kinder in the morning, then go to work, most mornings go quickly if there are talks and meetings, then lunch, by 2pm back to kinder to pick up my son, return home for a quick milk feed for the baby, and back at office for the afternoon before going home. At home, once the kids are asleep I spend the evenings doing some work too – for how late depends on the work and if there are any deadlines!! The weekends are even busier with the house work, and I need to spend some time with my family too…


The two acronyms in the title are a pair I am currently using in my work and often confuse due to typing errors. BHB stands for Blue Horizontal Branch and HBB is for Hot Bottom Burning – doesn’t sound so comfortable does it? 😉

No sleep

Finally I have time for a quick post. The last week was really tough – the little one was awake almost every night. He is protesting against sleep and I think it has something to with his developmental stage. He is trying to crawl and is so inquisitive. So he has a hard time switching off and falling asleep. Of course this means I am also awake pretty much 24hrs!

Untangling the Galactic disk

The baby is having a nap so I can post a little about my research – I had been meaning to do this for a while actually!! Few weeks ago I finalized my first paper (ie. scientific publication) for this year. It is part of my on-going field of research since my PhD. Let me try and explain the idea behind the project and hopefully it will be clear to the non-astronomers…