Visit at AMNH (what is that?) :-)

Last week I mentioned that after attending the LPSC conference, I went to New York City to give a talk at the AMNH. The AMNH which stands for American Museum of Natural History, is a very place that most of the people which visit New York City has seen on the map and maybe took the time to visit.  Located in the Upper West Side, this museum contains a large number of exhibitions about biology, evolution, meteorites, and fossils. In 2000, a new building dedicated to astronomy was opened to the public. It contains a state-to-the-art planetarium, an exhibition dedicated to astronomy, but also a department of astronomy.

from AO to NGAO (part I)

Once again, it has been a long time I did not write anything on this Blog. I am about to fail on my decision to write 2 posts per week in average, so I need to catch up

In January, I mentioned to you that I was involved in a new instrument designed for the Keck telescope called Next Generation Adaptive Optics or NGAO (we love acronyms in our field). What project is all about is the point of this post.

Students are back… Binary Asteroid projects

Dear readers,

I realized that I did not post anything on my blog for a week. What was going on? Well I got caught in one we called a never-ending deadline series.

Last week, I started my UC-Berkeley week giving a lecture-class for undergraduate and graduate students on Tuesday. Then my student Brent came back from his road trip in the US and we started working together on his new project. Brent is finalizing the large table containing the characteristics of 165 reported multiple  Asteroid systems.

Talk at SETI today – Tomorrow at UC-Berkeley


I have just given my talk at SETI Institute. I don’t know why it is more stressful to give a talk in your host institution than somewhere else. 🙂 Anyway it went quite well since I talked about my recent work for the study of multiple asteroid systems. This is one of the most interesting works I have done over the last 6 years. I am glad I found a way to summarize it in a concise and logical way.