Snooze Time

Its time to get some shuteye I think before I set off again on the journey and a half to Harewood House from Manchester, I’m feeling a little bit guilty as everyone doing the webcasting at ESO still has 11 hours to go. (Keep up the good work guys!!!) I think tomorrow will mean I


oooh, I can’t say enough how fantastic GALEX is as an instrument, I’m using this instrument at the moment to build a catalogue of Galaxies. A little later I’ll post some images of M83 but they have some amazing image of a star called Lyra which actually resembles a comet because it has a tale!


One of my favourite instruments of all time, SOHO is online now with the live webcast, I have to say as an astronomer as well as an educator that this instrument ROCKS. Its great to hear that amateur astronomers can still help by discovering sun grazing comets in these images as pupils studying these images

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m now on the train to Leeds and my journey began just under two ours ago from my home in Manchester, today will be a very, very, exciting day as I plan to introduce the general public who are visit the Yorkshire Planetarium to the events that are taking place during the 100 Hours of