Ancient women in astronomy

Yesterday night I went to the cinema (yes, Lowell, in the end I made it…) and saw Agora, the last movie by Alejandro Amenabar (premiered in Germany on March 13). What does this have to do with astronomy? Well, as you may know, it tells the story of Hypatia, a scholar in the ancient Alexandria,

The curtain falls on CIE 2010

I finally find some time to report about the last day of the CIE conference in Vienna. Where was I? Ah, yes, the Gala dinner. It was very nice, accompanied by Strauss and Mozart music, plaid by three young musicians (piano, violin and cello). At some point a number of dancers appeared. The men with


A short one. I arrived in Vienna some hours ago. Beautiful city! I am done with the presentation for tomorrow. The more I look at it the more I am convinced some people are not going to like it… I will be talking tomorrow at 14:30. I am in the keynote speakers list, and I

There is still… Hope!

You may wonder why from time to time there is a post, in my blog, that is apparently not so much related to astronomy. Well, the lack of connection is indeed only apparent. The way I think and perceive the world is the result of a complex process (as is for my kids, you, and