Walking on the Moon

This month has been designated Global Astronomy Month, those of us who were involved in 100 Hours of Astronomy and couldn’t get enough so here we are now taking a walk on the Moon with the Virtual Telescope during the Global Astronomy Month Lunar Week Remote Observing event which is happening NOW at: http://virtualtelescope.bellatrixobservatory.org/webtv.html

Beyond 2009

Well, I’ve been quiet for a while and its good to still be able to post here, so far 2010 has been a productive year! Last week I was out with the “Space Bus”, which is single deck coach stripped of its inside and replaced with a 3D screen to watch movies on, and have

007 Licence to Observe

Gianluca has just made the joke to the VT Galilean Nights webchat that the time is now 00:07, just like 007, the webchat participants have erupted with 007 jokes, its good to see that astronomy can bring so many people together in one evening from all over the world. which draws the observing event for