December 21st 2012 and the Mayans

CNRS (the main French research agency) put up a very nice video about December 21st 2012 and the Mayans. Even if you don’t speak French, give it a look! I hope it get translated/subtitled in other languages soon. We are safe 😉 (click on “Visionner”) Les Mayas, le calendrier et le 21-12-2012 – Vidéo

I ♥ astronomy

As one can see (I put notes on the flickr image, click on it) this 25-second exposure taken on October 20, 2011 contains a lot of things (the Earth’s zodiacal light, the “Kiwi”, the galactic center, the VLT observatory, a big heart in light painting, etc.) and it is a tribute to my wife who came to live in Chile with me so I could pursue my dream with astronomy. I stood behind my camera setup on a small tripod and fired the timer, then I drew a heart in the air using my ESO tiny key-chain Maglite®. It took me quite a few tried to get it like that especially not having a press-button flash light. Pressed against my fingers the heart was pink/red naturally and I just accentuated the pink.

This Picture was selected as ESO Picture of the week in february 2012 as a Valentine’s day image: