Venus Transit: From San Francisco in 2012 to Mars in 2030

If you read this blog, I am certain that you are aware of the Venus Transit which occurred  from  22:09 UTC on 5 June 2012 to 04:49 UTC on 6 June (3:09pm to 8:49pm PDT). Because this astronomical event was visible from North America, Europe, and part of Africa & Asia, and it was streamed around the world from several observatories, it has been most likely one of the most observed and advertised astronomical phenomena, so I had to write a short personal post about it.

Darlene’s Extreme Blogs from the 16th NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations

June 12, 2012

Hi, my name is Darlene Lim.  I am a research scientist at the SETI Institute and the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. I am currently leading the Science and DeepWorker submersible activities at the 16th NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO). I’m a geobiologist and DeepWorker sub pilot by day; mommy, wife, perpetual explorer by day and night!


Today is the first day of our submersible operations at NEEMO16. And as is typical for these types of complex deployments, we’re behind schedule, being held up by water on the deck, and other expected unexpected events.  I’ve been working with Nuytco DeepWorker submersibles for 5 years now, both in lakes and in the ocean.  The first day is always a day for working out the kinks, making sure everything is buttoned down, safe and ready to take a serious work out by our eager Science Pilots.  So by extension, the first day is always a little bit of organized chaos.