A piece of Mars: Patterns within patterns (metapatterns?).  These small martian dunes shown an unusual complexity in their crossing lines, indicating that they were formed by winds from several directions (and it is likely that those winds changed over time). What do you think, should it be the next thing in tweed fashion after houndstooth

can’t hug orphans

Today I have a social issue on my mind.

Did you know that in California it is illegal for workers at orphanages to hug the children? I was shocked to hear this. I’m no expert, but conventional wisdom is that children need love, hugs and caring touches (like being carried). Isn’t it obvious  that children without  any “parental” contact will encounter major obstacles to having healthy relationships when they grow up? Its as if you were to cut off their arm to save a finger.

A cute picture of kids with their caretaker.
Warning: Inappropriate touching according to California law.

Thoughts about a beautiful NASA video – Save Our Science

Today I am feeling inspired and motivated. It could easily have not been the case since the day started with a massive crash of my email inbox, a difficult review of a recently submitted paper, and some issues with my simulation that I am planning to present at the ACM conference next week – not to mention a lack of sleep. Still, all of this became irrelevant when I watched NASA’s new promotional video attached below.