Walking on the Moon

This month has been designated Global Astronomy Month, those of us who were involved in 100 Hours of Astronomy and couldn’t get enough so here we are now taking a walk on the Moon with the Virtual Telescope during the Global Astronomy Month Lunar Week Remote Observing event which is happening NOW at: http://virtualtelescope.bellatrixobservatory.org/webtv.html

Venus: Another volcanically active world?

Dear Planetary enthusiasts,

Over the past week, we may have heard a lot about a famous volcano in Iceland, named Eyjafjallajokull, which forced more than 64,000 flights between Europe and the rest of the world to be canceled and affected the vacation and business trips of several millions of people. But have you heard about the Idunn Mons, Hathor and Innini Montes and Mielikki Mons? These are other exotic names for volcanoes located on another planet,  a world that we suspected for a long time to be volcanically active as well. A recent discovery may have confirmed the existence of active volcanoes on Venus.