The Virtual Telescope celebrates its 3rd Birthday – Live Event

To celebrate the Virtual Telescope’s birthday, Gianluca Masi is holding a live event now through an internet webchat through the telescope’s website, you can literally see live telescope images as the “live cosmic event/birthday pary” takes place. The Virtual Telescope has provided  many live events during IYA 2009 and also an event for 100

Unexpected work, but surprising results

The last few weeks I spent working on a new dataset given to me by a fellow colleague at ESO. It was an unexpected offer and I was initially unsure if I should take on the extra work which is being led by someone else (given the huge amount of work I already have on my own). Anyway I decided to take it up and it turnout to produce some very exciting results!!

Kafeditepisemesta & The Challenge of Science Journalism

Kafeditepisemesta is the name of a discussion group of writers, editors, journalists, lecturers,  scientist, and so on; whose share the same concern, which is about how to popularize science for general public in a hilarious way. Seriously, the name ‘kafeditepisemesta‘ is derived from the series of Douglas Adam’s satire “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”. Literally, ‘kafe di tepi semesta‘ is translated to ‘cafĂ© on the edge of the universe’.

Pineapple Muffin or Muffin Pineapple? ..
Pineapple Muffin or Muffin Pineapple? ..

But this is not about parodying the masterpiece, instead, all we did just share the idea about how exciting the universe is, in anyway we perceived, either through, books, comics, music, and of course .. food! (A café without food & coffee?).

On our last discussion, we’re reaching to a point, which is, seems, there is a problem on science journalism here. ‘Seems’, that means, we only sense, without enough supporting evidence. But, we felt that somehow, science journalism in the verge of ‘free fall’.

In this modern digital world, news, (including science), rapidly propagate, instant and free. So, who will take the responsibility for the quality of the news?

The discovery of a new triple asteroid – (93) Minerva


So I was quite mysterious after my observations at Keck Observatory, and I briefly mentioned that we discovered something interesting during the night. I will give a little bit more details in this blog since the IAU circular announcing the result is about to be published. To summarize, the high angular resolution images provided by the Keck Adaptive Optics system revealed that the asteroid 93 Minerva possesses 2 tiny km-sized moons in orbit around the large 140-km primary.