Backyard Observing

Last night I saw the space shuttle (STS-127) followed by the space station (ISS) at about 20:48 PDT from my backyard. The shuttle led the station by about 30 seconds about 10 hours after the undocking. The excellent Heavens Above web site was predicting a 6 second separation, but the shuttle had clearly dropped its


Last week, i have been involved in SEAMEO QITEP in Science. What’s that? SEAMEO QITEP in Science? SEAMEO is an abbreviation of ‘South East Asia Ministry of Education Organization‘, while QITEP is ‘Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel‘; so, basically, SEAMEO QITEP, is a center that has a task to improve the qualility of

We really walked on the Moon…


We all heard about this conspiration rumors which claimed that the Apollo missions were never a success and nobody ever walked on the Moon. Just be reassured, I am not going to advertise this crazy theory 🙂 It is based on deformed facts and today we have some obvious proofs collected  by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and its high resolution camera.


… Kami cuma tulang-tulang berserakan Tapi adalah kepunyaanmu Kaulah lagi yang tentukan nilai tulang-tulang berserakan. Ataukah jiwa kami melayang untuk kemerdekaan, kemenangan dan harapan atau tidak untuk apa-apa, kami tidak tahu, kami tidak lagi bisa berkata Kaulah sekarang yang berkata … [… We are only scattered bones But in your possession It is you too