World of Glass

Four hundred years ago, Galileo utilized glasses, turned them into telescope and turn his eyes to the sky, since that time, human saw the universe with new perspective. Almost, forty years ago, still, using employ the glass, but in different way, known as television, human saw man landed on the moon, and since that time,

A Turning Stone

Today is the day where a major decision will be made within our family household today. Close family and friends will know that my sister who is six years my junior was involved in a serious road accident 5 years ago and over the coming days and possibly months we will have some tough decisions

The end of Kayuga in HD!

A brief update about my previous post into which I described the demise of the Kayuga mission. The crash on the lunar surface was indeed recorded by the High Definition TV and can be seen on the JAXA channel in youtube.<!–more–> click on the following image to start the movie and enjoy the ride… Unfortunately

Frank Low, 1933-2009

Frank Low, a pioneer on infrared astronomer who was involved in the 102 cm balloon-borne far infrared telescope that formed the basis for my PhD thesis, died on June 11. The NY Times had a nice obituary on June 21. The low temperature bolometers pioneered by Low are employed on both Herschel and Planck.

Mickey Mouse and Arp 155

Whilst analysing some images in various wavelengths for the peculiar galaxy ARP 155 I found something even stranger when low and behold on retreiving an archived image Mickey Mouse should appear. He has eyes and everything! And he’s sooo cute! and I promise this is real and is not a photoshop trick. Here’s a snapshot