Hectic times …

Running, I feel I am always running everywhere, trying not to miss the next step, almost at the verge of a disaster. Today, the train from Palermo to the airport broke and I almost didn’t arrive on time to catch the place. But ts departure was delayed and I was afraid I would not be able to change planes in Rome. I had to run across the terminal, to find out that the second flight was delayed. At least I know that, today, I will reach my destination: finally, home. But, in a sense, this way back home has been a kind of small Odissey, a metaphore of life.

The last six months or so have been, work-wise, to most strange in my professional career. Meetings, projects, justifications, trips, proposals, committees … one after another, without pause. Finally, it seems I have achieved, more or less, all the goals I had in mind, and most of my commitments (some of them fun) are over. So, I expect from now on to have more time for science and for my students. And I hope I will not have to go through any period like this one.

What I Hope to Hear from The Candidates of President of Indonesia

Last sunday (May, 24th, 2009), the large city dump in Bantar-gerbang area, just the outskirt of Jakarta, became the place, where Megawati Soekarnoputri (Democratic Party of Struggle/PDI-P) & Prabowo Subianto (the Greater Indonesia Movement/Gerindra), made their declaration for the July presidential election. And that last declaration, that completed the three candidates declaration, who will be

Science Centre Spotting

As the May break is approaching for the school term I’ve decided to indulge in some “science centre spotting”. I’ve been itching to get up to Scotland for a number of months now and since visiting the ROG last week I’m heading further noth to visit the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. Some where along the

Back in Munich

Back from visiting AIP and Lund. As promised here are some photos. However it was raining for most of the trip and almost every day in Lund, so didnt get to take many pics there. The visits were good in the sense that I managed to meet with the people I had intended to and got a feel for what it might be like to work there.

We are Astronomers

I travelled down to London this weekend for the annual general meeting for the British Association of Planetaria. It was held at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and it was a brilliant meeting. Reasons for why I’ll go into in another post as two years ago at a past meeting a group of BAP members

Infrared End of an Era

The Spitzer Space Telescope is warming up. Just one day after the launch of Herschel, a large but “warm” far-infrared telescope, the liquid helium cooling Spitzer ran out at 18:30 UT on 15 May 2009. This is 2090 days after the launch of Spitzer and 33 years after I starting working on the project. My