¿Finally, science?

After a quite a hectic month, full of proposals and paperwork, I can go back to science. ¿Really?

I had my last deadline last April 10th, for the Subaru telescope. It was also the Easter week, but I work everyday on this and finishing the first version of my next book. So, I thought I would be able to go back to do real science after this date. As usual, I was wrong.

I have been busy with the justification of my annual budget for the JWST/MIRI (an instrument for the next space telescope) and with ideas for the E-ELT.

Next week I have the meeting of the European Astronomical Society, which will be held in UK, and the following I am coming back there for the JWST/MIRI consortium meeting.

All these things are fun, but it has been quite a lot since I have seen my last astrophysical data…