Scary Snacks!

Whilst munching on my dinner in the midst of 100 hrs of remote observing my son had to point out that an olive that I was about to eat looked a little bit like a scary dinosaur. On further inspection I had to agree that it looked too good to eat so I’m  sharing this


So most of us by now who are have been participating in the 100 Hours of Astronomy events are in real need of some rest, I’m feeling fine at the moment as I’ve just had a nice cup of tea but I have the feeling that most of you out there who have been burning

Happy Sun day!

Hi everyone and a good morning from Manchester where it is a beautiful sunny day. There is a lot of thin haze cloud around and I am online now checking out the events for today. Gianluca Masi tells me that there is a live show on today at 9am UT for Solar Observing so I