Since my last post I was sick for over two weeks. Not the swine flu, but something pretty tough. I still have a bit of the cough but the worst is over. The rest of the family had cold symptoms too, but none of them went down like I did – strange that! Good thing I am better now because next week we will be traveling.

At the Planetary Defense Conference in Granada, Spain

After 25 h of travel, I finally arrived at Granada last Friday to attend the Planetary defense conference: Protecting Earth from Asteroids organized by the International Academy of Astronautics. This is a think-tank conference with a broad and diverse group of 180 scientists, astronomers, engineers and politicians gather here  discuss our current knowledge about the population of Near Earth Asteroids and the potential of impacts with Earth.

Launch of The Portal To the Universe

Today marks the launch of the long anticipated “Portal to the Universe”. On Tuesday (21st April)  Lars Lindberg Christensen gave participants attending the IYA 2009 in Europe session a demonstration of what was planned for the portal, explained how the portal will act as “one-stop-shop” for astronomy information and content and also will act as

Kartini Day

Today, on 21st of April, we in Indonesia commemorate the date as The Day of Kartini. In this day, we celebrate the birth of Raden Ajeng Kartini (Raden Ajeng, or R.A. is aristrocratic title in Javanese culture), and Kartini is the name of a woman, and this woman is known as a pioneer in the

A new exoplanet approaching the mass of Earth

In the JENAM (European Astronomical Society Meeting), in England … plenty of wonderful results. Of course, from my point of view, the most important is the announcement by Michael Mayor of a new exoplanet, with an extremely low mass, only twice the earth value (although it depends on the inclination of the orbit).

I have a kind of déjà vu. I was in Florence 14 years ago when he announced the discovered the first exoplanet orbiting around a solar type star. It amazement how far we have gone in these few years, and the group of Prof. Mayor has played a key rôle on this very exciting area.

Link to the info in Spanish.

ELT Writers Workshop, JENAM 2009

Immediately after the press conference by Michel Mayor, the reporters from the press conference were led to a writers workshop being presented on the science behind the Extremely Large Telescope. Some of the subject topics presented were: Take direct images of exo-planets – produce better resolutions of images Exoplanet direct detection, direct imaging of a