The job of being an astronomer

How does one become an astronomer?

What is it like in every day life once you’ve finished your studies and managed to get a job as a researcher in this field?
I recently contributed to a short movie by O. Borderie, @tmosphere en images Production.

The film “Astronomy and Space careers” (in English and in French) shows some of us who work in the field describing our “job” as an astronomer, what we do, why we became astronomers and giving some hopefully helpful hints about how to become an astronomer. Researchers, engineers and other people involved in the job of astronomy talk about their work from the inside to allow others to grasp what are the requirements in terms of studies, responsibilities, autonomy and initiatives, functional relations, specificities, environment, etc. You can also get an idea of the evolution of this craft in the future.

Les métiers de l’astronomie et de l’espace by atmosphereenimages

It was fun talking about our job and how it affects our lives. We, astronomers, come from different directions, diverse backgrounds, men and women from all over the world and yet we are all linked by our passion for astronomy and a strong motivation to add a small contribution to our understanding of the Universe.

I enjoyed participating in this film, hope you enjoy it too!