Funny things happening around Saturn

We all know by now that Titan is fantastic… ;-) But did you know that other wonderful worlds are evolving around the Lord of the Rings (Kronos, Saturn, whatever you want to call the giant planet).

Just a few days ago, my next favorite moon, Enceladus, gave us new cause for wonder. Enormous plumes of water spurt in giant jets out of deep cracks we call “tiger’s stripes” in the South pole of the satellite. Researchers  now provide evidence that the plumes originate in an underground salty ocean.

This is extremely important in the quest of astrobiologists for the origins and evolution pathways that lead to life in our Solar System and elsewhere, because in that, liquid water is essential. So that now we know that liquid water can exist as far as 10 Astronomical Units (10 times the distance of Earth to the Sun). An there are strong suspicions also that Titan harbors a liquid water ocean also… This is really wonderful news also for our understanding about how the moons in the Solar System are formed and how they have evolved in time.


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Stay tuned for more amazing discoveries around Saturn and in the meantime you may want to go and see the new movie Startrek and watch closely for something related to our discussions

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